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Canada's Beatles Tribute! Many Beatle tribute bands wear the suits and play the songs but very few make you feel the aura and magnetism of The Beatles like REPLAY does. REPLAY recreates that illusion, and the goose bumps.

After seeing the show, many have said REPLAY "is" The Beatles… they actually felt they were watching John, Paul, George and Ringo. Add Liverpudlian accents, on-stage antics, authentic costumes and instruments, and REPLAY is the closest thing to seeing the real thing!

Feel the REPLAY difference yourself.




In 2012 we recorded remakes (covers) of 2 awesome Beatles songs – "Yes It Is" and "Think For Yourself". As far as I know we are the only Beatles Tribute band to have officially released original songs on iTunes. Check out our Beatles and Original songs and albums on iTunes!
Original Music Video
In August 2012 to celebrate the Beatles 50th anniversary and a very important day in Beatles' history – Aug. 18, 1962 (the day of Ringo's first show as a Beatle), REPLAY released an original "Beatles-style" song and music video.
Sid Bernstein
Once in a lifetime you get to meet a living legend... read my Sid Bernstein story.
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Many bands imitate The Beatles. REPLAY makes you feel like you have seen The Beatles.
This unique Beatles tribute is more than just the music and costumes, REPLAY truly emanates the spirit and magnetism of The Beatles.

REPLAY is the only Beatles tribute in the world that has released an original music video, two original songs and two Beatles remakes officially on iTunes and played on Beatles Radio!
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